Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Office-Based Laser Surgery

For those with recurrent respiratory papilloma, repeat visits to the operating room become quite burdonsome. Dependence on others for transporation to and from surgery, missed work or school, and extended recovery time from general anesthesia are all disadvantages of treatment in the operating room setting.  Because of these disadvantages, the treatment of laryngeal and respiratory papillomatosis has been a target for innovations the eliminate the need for general anesthesia.  These innovations include special lasers targeting the blood supply of the respiratory warts, and adjuvant medical therapies designed to slow or eliminate recurrence.   In regards to laser treatment of papillomatosis, small laser fibers are passed through a channel on the side of an endoscope and used to remove the disease while sparing uninvolved tissue. 

The procedure is performed by first numbing the throat, and then passing the laryngoscope through the nostril into the lower throat.  The laser is pointed at the involved disease and suction attached to the laryngoscope is used to remove throat debris.  The procedure generally takes 10-15 minutes to perform, although it may take longer if there is extensive disease.  The procedure is very well tolerated by patients.  Papillomatosis can be challenging to treat in the office-setting if it becomes too large or bulky, and at that point patients are best serves in the sedated, operating room setting.

In addiion to the laser, injectable medications can be administered in the office-setting through the mouth or neck and into the involved area of the airway.  At the present time Cidofovir is widely used, and active investigations focus on newer agents such as Avastin, an antiangiolytic drug.

Newport Voice and Swallowing is proud to offer patients in the Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, and Southern California regions minimally invasive office-based surgery for recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.  We are one of only 2 or 3 practices in Southern California offering this treatment, and our patients travel from afar to undergo treatments.  If you are interested in this cutting-edge treatment please contact our office at 949-764-1850.

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